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We help leaders, and their companies understand their customers better so they can innovate.

Tappr, LLC provides user and market-ready insights by utilizing the most cutting-edge research tools and services available today. Our clients come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and at all phases of development.

James Glasnapp, Tappr, LLC's founder and principal, ensures that every client receives personalized attention. Whenever necessary, we may tap into a vast network of accomplished, results-oriented designers and researchers.

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An experienced researcher, James has more than a decade of leadership in customer insights research focused on early-stage technologies. He's led innovation research projects for Xerox PARC, where he devised and executed innovative research for Xerox, fortune 500, and international clients. James has headed studies in over 20 countries. Among a slew of other essential research initiatives,  he oversaw early-stage design research for a large pharmaceutical company, which resulted in the development and testing of an over-the-counter device that is currently being commercialized and has the potential to fundamentally change how people address a significant health challenge. James directed a study on technologies that dramatically changed an ordinary beauty brand's design specs to understand better consumer reactions to how software presented technology innovation. In this role, James regularly worked with CEOs and C-suite stakeholders. 

James builds relationships with study participants to understand their concerns better, aspirations, hopes, and dreams. He can easily explain how their actions impact product and technology design. James provides non-traditional research methodologies to his design study that involve creativity, collaboration, understanding underlying needs and the ability to excavate these from research participants. Platforms, tools, and methods for accessing research participants and communicating findings are continuously evolving. Working with Tappr means always having access to cutting-edge research tools and platforms.

His work has been featured in CMS Wire, Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, LinkedIn, and other outlets. James enjoys working with leaders and firms to establish research-based plans that significantly shift the needle in new directions. He holds a DrPH in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley.

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