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How We Do It

We listen, work with you, and design the appropriate study with the right people and the suitable methods to meet time and budget needs.

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Qualitative Methods

You’re trying to understand your customers better, but you’re not sure how. \You just want to see what they’re up to and why they do what they do, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. We can help you get a clearer picture of your customers with our qualitative methods. We can help you uncover customer motives and insight into their choices. We are intensely focused on consumers, with a comprehensive history and ethnographic and interviewing expertise. To expose customer motives and insight into their choices, we apply our exclusive qualitative techniques. Our practice explores who, what and why of your customer behavior and allows you to learn more about your customers.


The cost of research is often the biggest challenge. The cost of acquiring users is often the biggest challenge.  We have developed a new model that reduces costs and increases efficiency. It enables us to gather in-context user insights at scale, without bias, and cheaper than ever before. We use our proprietary in-house software to gain in-context targeting user insights. These are essential for gathering accurate, efficient, and scalable insights. They enable research to be conducted at scale - across small or large populations - without any bias in the results. We also have systems targeting a broader set of consumers using profiles from search engines and social media services; you talk to real targeted users instead of professional survey takers. We reduce costs and maximize opportunities to reach real customers rather than professional respondents.

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Big Data Analytics

Pain: Getting the right data is a challenge. Agitate: The right data is not available and you are forced to rely on aggregated data, which may obscure crucial insights. Solution: We assist you in accepting your consumers for who they are rather than what you believe they are. We make no assumption that you understand your customer's wants or needs. Rather than relying on aggregated data, which may obscure crucial insights, we correlate data to get comprehensive, accurate, timely, and effective insights. The Data is Yours; we assist you in making the most of it. The most important insights will be generated by detailed data on your consumers' activity and experience.

How We Do It: Services
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